Location Based App Developers Not Interested In webOS

Location based applications are some of the more useful apps for GPS enabled smartphones. A recent survey conducted by Skyhook Wireless states that less than 10% of location based app developers are interested in developing for webOS. This could change quickly if Sprint is able to move a significant amount of devices and Palm increases the webOS product line.

When Apple announced the iPhone 3G, I balked at it’s inability to provide turn-by-turn directions, without thinking about the benefits of location based apps. The Palm Pre of course supports navigation and turn-by-turn directions, but what app location based apps?

Done correctly, location based apps are extremely useful. One of the more useful apps is Yelp! Speaking from personal experience, I’ve used Yelp! on more than one occasion to locate restaurants and more importantly Starbuck’s. This particular app will tell you how far a restaurant is from your location, complete with mapping features. Ironically, Yelp! has been available on the Palm OS for years, but not the location based version.

In speaking with Palm at CES, they confirmed the availability of location based apps for the Palm Pre. Yelp! would be a great start and developers might change their stance once the Mojo SDK is released. Devices in the hands of consumers will also create an uptick in development.

What location based apps would you like to see on the Palm Pre?


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