Survey: Over 90 Percent Likely To Purchase Palm Touchstone

While most manufacturers are content designing and developing hardware, Palm’s focus has also been on the design of accessories for the Pre. Last week, we talked about the Palm Touchstone, a unique charging apparatus that allows doesn’t require cables to charge the Pre. Like the Palm Pre, the Touchstone doesn’t have a price point. We asked our readers , "Do you plan to purchase the Palm Touchstone". The results are in and all signs point to the Touchstone being the first must have Pre accessory.


Out of 606 respondents, 90.4% of our readers are likely to purchase the Palm Touchstone. Clearly, price is a consideration, as 51.5% say their purchase is dependent on price.  9.6% are content with the supplied charger.

So much has been made how Palm will price the Pre, but that’s not the only pricing decision facing the company. Unlike the Pre, consumers cannot rely on subsidies from Sprint to reduce the cost of the Touchstone. The price of the Pre might also affect sales of the Palm Touchstone. Clearly consumers are excited about the Touchstone. If priced right, the sales will follow.

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