Palm Investor McNamee Expects iPhone Owners To Switch To Palm Pre

Elevation Partners Roger McNamee is big believer in Palm’s Pre and one would say he’s bullish on Palm’s ability to get iPhone owners to switch to Pre. Speaking to Bloomberg yesterday, McNamee talked about the two-year anniversary of the iPhone’s launch, "“You know the beautiful thing: June 29, 2009, is the two- year anniversary of the first shipment of the iPhone.”

McNamee is a self-professed fan of Apple technology and owns both the first generation iPhone and the iPhone 3G. So how does the Palm Pre compare to the iPhone on the web? "Our product is going to run rings around it on the web", said McNamee. "If you want to go to the web, it’s going to be several times faster". 

Palm and Sprint are working feverishly to get the Palm Pre to market. As McNamee points out, the first generation iPhone celebrates it’s two-year birthday in June and the current generation iPhone 3G will have since been out for a year. Apple’s iPhone product cycle appears to be June.  While no one in Cupertino is talking about a new iPhone,  that certainly does not mean the Pre will have a new competitor in the form of a new iPhone. Of course, we could also see improvements to the Pre in the form of webOS updates. Palm’s new OS was impressive at CES in January and the company will likely have six months to polish the OS before the Pre’s release. 


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