Introducing the Everything Treo Wiki

Introducing the Everything Treo Wiki

August 31, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Everything Treo is pleased to announce the launch of the Everything Treo Wiki – a collabrative knowledgebase created and maintained by the Treo community. Easy, fun and informative. Built by you, the Treo community.

What’s Different About the Everything Treo Wiki

Unlike other wikis, you do not need to understand special HTML coding or go through any sort of login process. Simply visit the Everything Treo Wiki and select the EasyEdit button to edit any page (other than the homepage). It’s that easy.

Easy Edit Treo wiki

Using the Everything Treo Wiki is not much different than editing a Microsoft Word document. Using the WYSIWYG editor, you can type in the pages, insert images, create links and more. It’s fun, easy and a truly interactive experience. No login or registration is necessary – If you choose, you can register, you can build a reputation for yourself as a contributor. Take a quick tour of the wiki and see why we’re so excited to bring this great new resource to Treo owners.

Treo wiki

A Great Resource for Learning About the Palm Treo

If you have questions about your Palm Treo smartphone, the Everything Treo wiki is the place to get information. The wiki is created by actual Treo owners making it an invaluable resource for learning about the Palm Treo smartphone. Here are some popular categories in the Everything Treo Wiki:

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