iTunes Sync Not Coming Back With webOS Update 1.3.1

We’ve seen leaks from resellers and now the first review of the Palm Pixi has surfaced. From what we’ve heard, the Palm Pixi will not ship with webOS 1.3.1, but the update is available via Updates. Apparently, Palm is able to distinguish the Pixi and push the 1.3.1 update, otherwise Pre owners would be seeing the same update.  For those wondering, PhoneArena confirms that the current webOS 1.3.1 build does not fix media sync with iTunes.


The Palm Pixi will be available for sale in less than 4 days. Is there a last minute fix coming and what about the mysterious Facebook app? Our Horacio Caine CSI Palm Pixi investigation seems to be spot on, with Phone Arena also confirming that no Facebook app to be found on the Palm Pixi. Sure it could surface in the App Catalog this Sunday, but wouldn’t Palm want this on review devices?

Those looking for an alternative to iTunes should check out DoubleTwist and iTunes Sync Agent.

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