Jon Rubinstein Speaks at web 2.0 Summit, “great things coming”

Jon Rubinstein today took part in an interview at the web 2.0 summit. ┬áSimilar to previous interviews, Rubinstein reinforced how easy it is to develop for the App Catalog and how they’ve got an exciting roadmap. Both the interviewer and the audience asked about future devices.

When asked if Palm would be able to deliver a hit, similar to the Treo, iPhone and Droid, Rubinstein indicated the company had great products, great smartphones, a great tablet in the pipeline. “Several products that will clearly be hits when they come out“, said Rubinstein. He continued adding that Palm would be “aggressively rolling out new devices. Pool will grow dramatically in next 12-18 devices.
Jon Rubinstein

Rubinstein was candid about the effects of Palm being acquired by HP. “When you go through an acquisition, you get the wind knocked out of your sails“. Concluding the event, an audience member asked for a timeframe for smartphones and tablets. “Stay tuned. We’ve got some great things coming.

via PreCentral

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