Lawsuit Over Palm Pre Backups Seeks Class Action Status

A lawsuit (PDF) filed in California is seeking class action status for Palm Pre customers who have lost their contacts, calendars and other data as a result of Palm’s backup system. The lawsuit names both Palm and Sprint.

Jason Standiford, a customer cited in the lawsuit, exchanged his Pre under warranty. The customer claims his data was deleted by a Sprint store clerk. The crux of the suit is that Palm’s Pre phone makes it difficult to back up the information on a home computer. Palm apparently contacted Standiford weeks later having recovered some of his information.

via Kansas City Star


  1. its a cloud based system first of all. That’s how it backs up. Second, you’ve got now google, exchage and yahoo systems you can sync your contacts to?! Gimmie a break. This isn’t that difficult to get a backup of your contacts worked out.

  2. Christopher Meinck says:

    I’ve got my contacts stored at .mac, Gmail and on various phones. I wonder if the Sprint rep was nonchalant when telling this customer that all his data was lost. Perhaps that got him fired up enough to pursue legal action. Credit to Palm for going to extra mile to recover his data.

    All that being said, a desktop app would be nice. Many Palm Pre users are converts from Treo/Centro handhelds and are used to having Palm Desktop as a fallback.

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