Mark Space Delivers Pre Release of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 5

Mark Space Delivers Pre-Release of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 5

April 7, 2006

Mark/Space is offering a preview release of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 5. This is the first software release that will allow Mac users to sync with the Palm Treo 700w.

Treo 700 Mac

This pre-release alpha build is the first Mac OS X application to offer support
for devices running Windows Mobile 5, such as the Palm Treo 700w. This alpha release is a Universal application, with native support for both Intel and PowerPC Macs. The preview version of The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile is being made available to existing customers

The final v2.5 release will be provided as a free upgrade for v2.0 owners.
The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile sells new for $39.95.

According to Mark/Space, the preview does have limitations:

  • It’s neither feature-complete nor bug-free.
  • WM5 devices can only connect via Bluetooth and perform
    a “slow sync”, meaning that all records are compared.
    This takes longer. (The final release will support USB
    connections and “fast sync”. Due to security changes in
    WM5, Wi-Fi connections will not be supported.)
  • This alpha release requires an existing version 2.0
    license and registration code for The Missing Sync for
    Windows Mobile.

Interested individuals can learn more about Windows Mobile 5 device support
by visiting Mark Space.

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