Motorola’s Android Effort Influenced by webOS?

For quite some time, we’ve known that Motorola is all in with Android while kicking Windows Mobile to the curb. According to a BGR report, sources say the Motorola Android phones coming this fall will be heavily influenced by Palm’s webOS. Their version of Android will place a heavy emphasis on social networking.

Similar to webOS on the Palm Pre, the Motorola effort dubbed “blur” will integrate contacts from your social networking sites. Sound familiar? If true, it’s certainly not surprising and we’ll likely see more manufacturers borrowing from Palm’s webOS. The Motorola Android phones might find their way to market sometime in the fall. It will be interesting to see what aspects of webOS find their way into their skinned version of Android.

[via BGR]


  1. Palm was incredibly stupid. They could have leveraged their brand reputation of best ui and best pda and had webos on top of Android as their competitive advantage while allowing users to take advantage of the android AND palm app stores. They could have been best hardware and best ui on top of shared best os.

    Instead they forked off people like me who figure that the better os will come from someone other than palm and that their ui will be ripped off quite nicely and most likely improved on.

  2. Steve Weiss says:

    Palm has a definite advantage in having done it first an d done it so smoothly. But Palm needs to get other sites connected too as soon as possible. We should also be able to include contacts from myspace or linked in or plaxo. And we should be able to do facebook chat in messaging. And of course Im needs to add msn and yahoo to. If Palm doesn’t get to these improvements first, then Android will pass them by.

    Come on Palm, whats holding up adding more accounts? We are rooting for you. Lets see some new additions.

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