myTether Back In Good Graces with Palm?

Interesting events have occurred with myTether over the past few days since our article, “Is MyTether a Black-Eye for Homebrew“.  PreCentral’s Jason Robitaille, also the author of webOS Quick Install, gave his blessing to myTether and also detailed some of the changes made by the developer.

Better still, with this version of MyTether, there’s no more wifi driver replacement. It now harnesses the Mobile Hotspot Linux daemon present in all webOS devices to get the Mobile Hotspot-like results in MyTether.  As Palm is unlikely to kill their own Mobile Hotspot app, this route will likely, in turn, make MyTether lasting and reliable.

Earlier this week the developer of myTether, via their Twitter account, wrote “Palm, Inc. claims to PayPal that I’m infringing upon their intellectual property.. what IP did I infringe?” This brought concerns that perhaps this app wasn’t long for this world, given that it does directly compete with Palm’s Mobile Hotspot app.

It appears the changes made in myTether 2.1, as outlined by Robitaille, have put the developer back in the good graces of Palm. As per his tweet this afternoon, “IP issue with Palm, Inc. has been resolved. I had some old, unused files of Palm inside the service, from mytether 2.0.1. Removed them now.”

Looks to us like everything has been resolved both within the homebrew community and with Palm. Group hug?


  1. man, you guys are fast !

  2. Christopher Meinck says:

    Sometimes. Glad to hear things worked out for all parties involved. Well done.

  3. Wow, did not see that coming…

    A competing homebrew actually getting the nod from the company it is competing against.

  4. face to face says:

    Palm is concerned about moving units, not apps.

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