Native Facebook App Coming to webOS

Several tech sites were given early hands-on access to the Palm Pixi and there is some encouraging news for those waiting for a native Facebook app. Engadget’s preview video of the Palm Pixi managed to offer up a brief demo of an upcoming native Facebook app for webOS. While they did not go into detail, this is most definitely going to make it’s way to the webOS and will likely become the App Catalog’s most popular app.


Check out the last video at Engadget for the preview of Facebook for webOS.


  1. David landseadel says:

    Ok so I’m seeing that the palm pixi is going to have yahoo messinger? That actually blows as I have been jones-ing for it on my pre for ever, what gives?

  2. Christopher Meinck says:

    You’ll be getting Yahoo Messenger also. Expect apps seen here to make their way to the Pre in a future webOS update. In fact, maybe we’ll get them before the Pixi is even released.

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