New Apps Available in Palm App Catalog

Palm today has included a number of new applications in the Palm App Catalog. All of the applications are currently available for free. Many expected yesterday might mark the release of webOS 1.2, offering the capability for owners to enter their credit card information and for developers to start charging for apps. Today’s new apps include:


  • m:Vampire
  • m:Mafia
  • GolfPinFinder Demo
  • Guitarist’s Reference
  • YPmobile For Palm Pre
  • Greeting Card Messages
  • bWeather
  • Go To Tool Lite
  • Tic Tac Toe for WebOS
  • FreeWeather
  • Photo Fun – Spot The Missing Pieces (Free)
  • Photo Fun – Spot The Difference (Free)
  • TMaps – Philly

Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks joek71 for the tip!


  1. Still no facebook app. That is a little dissapointing….

  2. any word on a group text app? been needin one BAD! thnxx

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