New BlogStar Treo Application Powering Celebrity Blogs

BlogStar For Treo Powering Celebrity Blogs

April 5, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Palm and BlogStar have announced a new Treo application
that will be used by these celebrity bloggers to power their blogs.

Treo Celebrity Blog

Bam Margera, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, The Game, Nicky Hilton, Nick Lachey, Kelly Slater, David Arquette, Wesley Snipes, Alicia Silverstone, Caprice, Juliette Lewis, West Coast Custom are among Celebrity Treo Bloggers. Those familiar with our weekly column ‘Stars Using Treo’ in the Everything Treo eNewsletter will recognize some of these names.

The special application is designed to take advantage of the text, picture, audio and video capabilities of Palm Treo smartphones. The new application will be used with BlogStar’s groundbreaking mobile blogging entertainment service, which features daily mobile entertainment content co-produced directly with celebrity artist partners. The application will be available on Palm Treo smartphones to be used by BlogStar celebrity bloggers.

We are thrilled to have created a powerful tool that makes the Palm Treo smartphone a mobile content publishing station for those innovative artists who produce mobile content with us. The tool simplifies the process by which BlogStar celebrities can create, edit, and publish on a real-time basis,” said Keith Yokomoto, chief executive officer of BlogStar.

Nick Lachey, a longtime Treo smartphone user, said “BlogStar is a cool new way to keep my fans in the know. For the first time, I can reach them in real time. I can update my blog, post photos and even answer fans’ questions from anywhere in the world I have wireless access.

Nick Lachey

BlogStar has developed a unique mobile blogging platform designed to take blogging from the Internet to the mobile world. “BlogStar’s mobile blogging application leverages handset and multimedia capabilities, combines them with digital media management tools, and anchors them with a core application for interfacing with mobile operators,” said BlogStar Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Myla Villanueva. “In addition to being a great phone with email and web-browsing capabilities, the Treo smartphone offers picture, audio, and video recording capabilities as well as a full QWERTY keyboard, making it ideal for blogging-on-the-go.

The BlogStar Mobile service can also be accessed by consumers at or by text messaging the word “BlogStar” to 25647 (“blogs”).

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