New Palm Pixi Commercial

Palm is getting ready to release the new Palm Pixi and along with it will be a new advertising campaign. Many were critical of the previous campaign might find this commercial to be more appealing. It certainly showcases webOS and the thin-ness that is the Palm Pixi. Give it a view and let us know what you think in the comments.

via CrunchGear


  1. Very different from the usual Palm Pre ads. Kinda reminds me of Blackberry commercials, with a focus on people, and HTC’s new commercials featuring the Sprint Hero.

  2. I like the ad, not sure if I like the phone.

    I’m pretty happy with my Pre, though it’s not without it’s faults.

  3. Much better Directly to the point The music is a little extrange , I would prefer Ebop by Chuck Loeb for it,but the message is great.

  4. Why couldn’t the Pre get a commercial like that instead of the creepy ghost girl. My wife is going to enjoy this phone and I love my Pre so that all that matters. Go Palm!

  5. like the film style and direction. I know apple set the tone for using new break out artists in a commercial, and many have had great success after the exposure. this music is too far out there for 99% of consumers. I think its super odd and too high pitched.

  6. whats the name of the song in the commercial?

  7. Kennedy930 says:

    I like the commercial. I like the fact that the music IS way out there. it grabs your attention, stays in your head, and associates with the Pixi. Good job.

  8. isn’t the music by Steve Vai. It’s sound like some of his stuff.

  9. song is ‘Sleepyhead’ by Passion Pit — imo, the clip in the ad is the best part of the song. the lead singers’ falsetto singing voice kinda drives me nuts…


  10. is it just me? or does it sound like some pschedelic chipmunk version of miley cyrus’ ‘party in the u.s.a.’…..RIGHT?!

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