No webOS 2.0 OTA Updates for Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi or Pixi Plus Owners

News is breaking that HP will not be releasing any OTA updates to webOS 2.0 for existing devices. So if you’ve purchased an original Palm or even a recent Palm Pre Plus, you will not be receiving an OTA update to webOS 2.0. The only path to that OS is to purchase a new device. What, what, whaaat?

No webOS update

PreCentral’s Dieter Bohn reports that HP intends to launch a website in the coming months that “offers a path to 2.X”. For months, we’ve all been hearing that webOS 2.0 would be available as an OTA download. The reason given has to do with major backend changes required that would have made it increasingly difficult to offer webOS 2.x to previous owners.

And people though we were crazy when we talked about the fragmentation of webOS. This is just all sorts of wrong.

via PreCentral


  1. I am not so surprised knowing what my poor pre could do on 1.4.5

  2. this is disgusting. We were promised flash from the start..and months ago

  3. Goodbye HPalm! At least Apple tries to backdate their new OS!

  4. I’ll say the same thing I said about all of HP’s other announcements, today: You’ve got to be kidding!

  5. HPalmIsDeadToMe says:

    This really upsets me. I have been glued to any new info on these phones, and was so excited about a new release of webOS for my Sprint Pre and a new phone release, but this takes the cake. Do we know this to be true?

  6. GiveMe2.0Palm says:

    This Sucks! I’ve been waiting for Flash for months, and they promised it would be available. If they don’t give me 2.0 for my palm pre plus, then next phone I get is android or iphone.

  7. Not happy. Now I’m more likely to commit to Apple soon because of the apps. Would have stayed with HP-Palm until the appcology reached a reasonable critical mass.

  8. HP did try to backport the OS. Why are you people so angry about them not supporting an old slow phone that we’ve had for almost 2 years? The hardware is what’s exciting in the event!

  9. we been waiting for flash for 2 years like we were told

  10. I love my palm pre and have been eagerly awaiting the updated Webos 2.1. It seems palms just keeps on giving disappointment after disappointment. I have lost some app support like epocrates, verizon doesn’t even carry the phone anymore and I fear total loss of a wonder product.

  11. well for some saying the hardware is outdated i found one online for my pre plus and surprisingly it runs well small lag overall i am happy with web os 2.0 on my pre plus so i am gunna leave it..a little googling u will find the webos doctors for 2.0

  12. more importantly, it’s yet another reason not to bother developing for the webos platform. whoops.

  13. is everything working?

  14. Allhelltheking says:

    If this phone didnt have free Mobile Hot Spot, I would be with Apple. Just send the update

  15. HP is run by a pack of LIARS!

    Docs2Go editing coming soon. CANCELLED.
    Flash coming soon. CANCELLED
    All legacy devices will get OS2. CANCELLED
    Palm name will go side by side with HP. PALM IS GONE
    The old devices can’t run the new OS that we previously said would. HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK WE ARE?
    No more products “in coming months”. PRODUCTS ANNOUNCED FOR SUMMER!
    We’re going to do something special for legacy users. ARE YOU SERIOUS?
    People are going to trade in their iPhones. I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!

    I’ve carried the Palm banner since 1998 faithfully. Yesterday was the last straw. Palm was innovative, but often incompetent. HP is downright deceptive and manipulative. I’m tapping out.

    I am 100% convinced that the Palm that many of us fell in love with has gone the way of the Compaq iPaq team (the best of it’s day), which HP managed to erase in less than 2 years.

    It’s time to move on to another platform for me.

  16. Just spoke with Palm rep and 2.0 definitely not for existing users. He said to watch website in coming weeks for other solutions. I just bought the Palm Pre 3 months ago… Had the Treo 650 and 680 but will be going back to iPhone as soon as possible.

  17. ElectroStatic says:

    I’ve had the Palm Pre Plus less than 1 year. Been told flash would be available soon by a verizon employee, which is what ultimately sold me on the phone. Stuck with this phone for more than 1 year now since I am in a contract. Why am I angry you say? Because while my friends are using flash on their phones, I cannot, they could at least enable flash if not upgrade to 2.0….

  18. LiveResearch says:

    I purchased my Palm Pre+ in late Dec. 2010 with “promises” by HP that v2.0 would be available. So, now I am obligated with a new AT&T two year contract before I can upgrade to an Apple iPhone. I have been a Palm user with the Handspring Visor, Zire72, Treo 680 and now a Palm Pre+. I vented my distaste of HP recent announcement regarding legacy system on its blog. Absolutely disgusting behavior!

  19. Adrewjones says:

    You can kiss my ass goodbye! I’ve dedicated nearly 2 years to this phone and operating system. HP ended my commitment by nothing allowing me to update my Palm Pre to 2.0. Goodbye HP and Palm!

  20. when palm vanished so did webos this isn’t the same webos that I came to know and love. I guess it is time to go back to android, at least they keep thei promises. Good bye palm, good riddance hp

  21. HP is SCREWING OVER every previous generation device over. They LIED to us and abused the trust of the loyal fans who got the Palm name where it is today. I made a video all about it:

  22. HP can kiss my as..I have been waiting for 1 year for nothing…I will never buy another phone from them in my life…all my friends have left and now I am the last to go..great job..keep up the good work then everyone will leave

  23. Guest 02/10/2011 12:28 AM:
    “HP did try to backport the OS. Why are you people so angry about them not supporting an old slow phone that we’ve had for almost 2 years? The hardware is what’s exciting in the event!”

    You’re an idiot.

    No offense, but if a beautiful car came out with good ergonomics and well-appointed interior but a crappy engine, you wouldn’t be crying “it’s the hardware that’s exciting!” If, however, you owned an older version of the same car that had state-of-the-art mechanicals under the hood at the time and were promised a tune-up that never came, I’m positive you won’t go around saying “why are you so angry about them not supporting an old” whatever. You’d want to be able to up “soup up” your machine especially when the old hardware (chasis) can handle it. AND IT CAN.

    PS Are you seriously a moderator of this forum, and not be familiar with the particulars or points of contention of an argument in a forum you are overseeing?

  24. Did you copy and paste your comment from somewhere else? ‘Guest’ is not a forum moderator at everythingpre.

  25. This pretty much says it all:

  26. I did. From the dude who wrote what I included in the parenthesis.

  27. Where did you get that he/she was a moderator of our forums? That’s certainly not the case. I own the site and I’m none too pleased by this move not to support 2.0 on current devices. I’ve got a Pre Plus that’s now stuck on 1.4.5.

  28. Mookeychase says:

    I just discovered preware and let me tell you it was in the nic of time,I was on my way to getting an Eris, Incredible,Droid2 or Devour. Now that I hear there will be no 2.0 for my PP-Plus I will def cop an Iphone.I believe HP will fade these phones out and encourage customers to buy “their” phones. If flash would’ve come that may have held me but now I see the direction HP is taking I’m out!

  29. Wow… This is great! I can say that this is the first time I visited the site and I found out that this blog is interesting to read. Thanks for this awesome monitor.

  30. so … bail out? :D

  31. Kevinsmith33186 says:

    why can’t i get webos 2.0

  32. Vladmcflare says:

    hp. . . . . F*ck you too! That’s all I have to say here.

  33. Michaelmarr says:

    No Flash on a 3 inch screen is hardly a deal killer. No Pre2 or Pre3 on ATT — there’s your death knell.

  34. fight the powah says:

    the palm pre plus can run webos2.0 thanks to some dedicated fans of webOS who in their free time made HP look like a sack of idiots. You have to search around online a bit and it is not easy if your not super tech savy, should prob have someone who is present at the time.

    The only things I’ve heard are you can’t transfer palm profile (could if HP/carrier actually tried to help) and if you do it wrong and mess up your phone your carrier just tells you to screw.

    the carriers are the main problem here. they stand to make too much money selling us new phones and new plans. Sure everyone gets mad and hucks their hpalm phones, but either way if you want webOS2.0 or something as fast your gonna have to go to verizon/att/sprint so they dont care if you change your phone and drop hpalm. and id like to say that HPalm is at the mercy of the tyrannical service providers but they didnt have to blatantly lie to us abt flash, OS2 updates, and the legacy phones so ef em. the problem is they dont have any accountability. both hpalm and (verizon in my case) bounce back and forth and blame each other.

    im curious what could be done legally for selling a product based on services and updates promised and not delivering. anyone who has any info or interested in the subject should organize something. ill be setting up a new email and creating a facebook page to gather people for this common cause of holding hardware/service providers accountable.

    id say for now start pressing your service providers for answers. dont settle for blame hpalm replies continue to push the subject higer up the chain. if you make the service providers sweat theyll have the ability to fix it for you. HPalm either just doesnt care or itself is being overrided by the service providers. HPalm has something to lose, so they would be less likely to tell you to screw unless they had to. the bottom line is HPalm is either a bunch of liars, or a bunch of idiots (both) for not being able to put 2.0 on preplus’ but theyve already fixed that.

    PEOPLE IN EUROPE HAVE 2.0 ON THEIR PALM PLUS’ ALREADY. ITS ALL POSSIBLE, the only people standing between us getting it in the states are our carriers. the only reason we havent been given over the air updates for 2.0 is because they have said no. why? obviously because theyll make more money selling you a new phone/contract. people keep gettin mad at hpalm and our carriers are more than okay with that. if you want it you need to be sweating the carriers. at very least even if they couldnt actually fix it directly they def have the power to hold hpalm accountable. but they will only do that if they feel its important/beneficial for them.

  35. NukleerJoe says:

    Before you all completely give up hope, check your serial numbers against the HP website to see if the update will push to your device.

  36. I just spoke via chat with a palm rep. UGGGGG!!! I have the old school SPRINT (throwing up in my mouth) version. And got “the company line”, our engineers are working on a fix to run 2.0. BBBB SSSS. I do love this phone, but hate sprint,they actually have been good to me,since I have been with them since nextel,at the time owning the i1000 for people that remember. But I am having so many issues with trying to open certain files.etc,etc. We all know the laundry list of having the 1.4.5 build. Now I see a pre3 poss for the summer? But what carrier? Has anyone had the phone I have, the sprint pre and switched to something else recently that you love and is compareable? Sprint is trying to push me to the HTC EVO, because I have complained so much,I can get it for free. ANY THOUGHTS?

  37. Babyboop says:

    You must be confused about which pre you have. The current pre 2 and pre 3 have the updated webOS and are Flash enabled. The other pre products were not able to handle the new webOS update and flash as it slowed them down. The new phones have been improved to handle this change. I like my palm pre plus minus the fast that I have had to have it replaced 4 times due to a faulty system that has shut down on its own 8 times a day and cost me to lose stuff. As a result of this Asurion which is who I have my insurance through is replacing it with a pre 2 this time. This should tell you the pre plus has outdated software because even the insurance place is upgrading my phone. Double check which phone you have cause the palm 3 is the best one of all of them and was just released summer 2011.

  38. Babyboop says:

    This is a very good thing right here. I have used this before and my pre plus would not support the update. it is sad but…. How many people actually hold on to the same phone fore more than 2 years. There are always better phones that come out. I mean look at all the Droid products. If you had one droid phone and they said well sorry but this phone is not able to support our latest upgrades that the next phone will be getting would you drop the droid phones or work to get a different droid phone. If you like the service over all why drop the service over this, just wait and upgrade to the pre 2 or pre 3 which are able to handle the updates or by then they might have something even better.

  39. Babyboop, I think st1291 was saying he purchased a palm pre, 3 months ago. Not a palm pre 3, months ago

  40. hp just lost my vote… stick with windows! you
    guys barely handled windows well…

  41. btw if u own a 1.4.+ anything below 2.0 u are subject to serious security flaws that have not been addressed.. best thing to do is ditch a palm.

  42. this also does not work … for most even with higher end pre’s…the website will just reload and give u no info other than the carrier u are on…

  43. if u mod my posts out i will just go to facebook with it… palm users that have versions of webos prior to 2.0 have serious security flaws that need to be addressed.. and most likely will never be addressed unless hp offers an update.. i WOULD NOT use these phones prior to webos 2.0… just saying

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