OpenGL Files Found, webOS 2.0 On Horizon?

According to webOSInternals (via Twitter), there are a few files in webOS 1.3.5 that indicate possible support for OpenGL. What’s this mean? Support for OpenGL would pave the way for rich, graphic rich 3D games and apps. If you listen closely, webOS developers are craving GPU support and apparently this might be in the cards (pun intended).


This would certainly usher in dramatic changes for webOS and worthy of bump in the OS identifier to 2.0.  More importantly, this would allow for more robust apps and a snappier user experience. While we certainly applaud Palm for the regular influx of bug fixes and improvements, support for OpenGL could change the entire webOS experience for the better.

Is it too soon to ask for webOS 2.0? CES is next week and we’ll be providing live coverage. Can Palm deliver two years in a row?


  1. If you look at the app catalog screenshot that came with the Need For Speed Video that was posted, you will see in the description it said it needed webos version 1.3. and the last number being blanked out. So it’s highly possible 1.3.5 already brings OpenGl support for games

  2. Nope. 1.3.8 will

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