Paid webOS Applications Coming to Europe in March

Following the launch of paid apps in the US and subsequent removal of that pesky beta tag on the App Catalog, Palm announced that the European e-commerce program will go live in March of 2010. Not only does this benefit our European friends, but will provide a big boost to developers. The Palm Pre is currently available in the UK, Ireland, Spain and German. Safe to say, it’s good news all around come March.


  1. And Canada?

    One of the reasons I’ve held off purchasing a Pre (aside from waiting for a GSM version, whether Bell or somebody else) is that I’ve heard that the app catalog in Canada has meager offerings compared to the US.

    We read about all these great apps but we can’t get them (unless homebrew versions are available). With the EU catalog coming online you may want to consider identifying where apps are available (e.g. “US-only”).

  2. could this be the boast the pre needs to make it a front runner? several friends own iphones or blackberry’s and when i mentioned getting a palm pre they all look blank and ask is that a phone? or who makes that… palm in the uk is in a sorry state

  3. boost… sorry not boast, that would be a different thing

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