Palm and O2 Announce Treo 500

UK wireless carrier O2 has announced the launch of the Palm Treo 500 smartphone, a Windows Mobile based Treo that was previously available on Vodafone.

Treo 500
Treo 500 now available on O2

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The Treo 500 is sort of an odd bird in the Treo family, as it is the only smartphone from Palm that does not feature a touch screen. The Treo 500 ships with Windows Mobile Standard (previously known as the "Smartphone" edition), an OS that does not support touch screen. Suprisingly, Palm has chosen not to market the Treo 500 in the US, despite the success of smartphones like the Motorola Q and Samsung Blackjack. Here in the US, the wait continues for Palm’s next generation Windows Mobile smartphone that many expect will be called the Treo 800w.

Treo 500
Treo 500 features Windows Mobile Standard

Palm Treo 500 Specifications and Features:

  • All-in-one phone and messaging device
  • Access to Gmail, Hotmail/MSN and Yahoo! email
  • Full keyboard for fast and easy typing
  • Large, high-resolution screen
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile web browser
  • Windows Live online services, including MSN Messenger
  • Up to 3G speeds
  • Organiser with address book, calendar, to-do lists, and notes
  • 2.0-megapixel camera for capturing photos and video
  • Windows Media Player Mobile for music and videos
  • Windows Mobile 6 Standard operating system
  • Microsoft Office Mobile for viewing and editing Microsoft Word and Excel documents and viewing PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files
  • 150MB of user-available memory, expandable with microSD expansion card
  • Microsoft Direct Push technology for delivery of Outlook email
  • Bluetooth wireless technology

Source: Scenta

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