Palm and Verizon Wireless Announce Treo 700p Now Available

Palm and Verizon Wireless Announce Treo 700p Now Available

May 23, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Palm and Verizon have officially announced the immediate availability of the Verizon branded Palm Treo 700p. The Treo 700p
is available for ordering online from Verizon Wireless and will be available in stores starting June 1st. Palm still lists 1-3 weeks for shipment of the Verizon Treo 700p.

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For businesses and individuals who want the latest all-in-one mobile communications and business productivity solution, Verizon Wireless and Palm, Inc. today announced the Palm Treo 700p smartphone is available online today and will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores on June 1. The Treo 700p smartphone includes hardware and software innovations centered around usability, connectivity, multimedia and compatibility, designed to take advantage of the fast EV-DO data speeds of Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess service. With the Treo 700p, Verizon Wireless customers can also enjoy fast EV-DO speeds on their laptop computers with BroadbandAccess Connect, which turns their new smartphone into a wireless modem.

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Verizon Wireless customers using the Treo 700p have the benefit of Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess service which runs on the nations most award-winning wireless broadband network to send and receive data. With the wireless broadband connection, customers can get access to broadband-like speeds while out of the office or on the road. Today, BroadbandAccess covers more than 150 million Americans and offers average download speeds of 400-700 kilobits per second.

The Palm Treo 700p from Verizon Wireless offers the following features that help businesses and mobile professionals increase productivity:

  • Support for Wireless Sync to provide the convenience of push e-mail and easy access to personal information-management tools, such as contacts and calendar, as well as enterprise tools, such as device management and file synchronization;
  • Enough memory to manage business and personal digital needs in one place with 128MB of memory 60MB of dedicated user storage;
  • Intel XScale technology-based processor;
  • A 1.3-megapixel camera and camcorder, offering four times the resolution of a VGA camera;
  • Exceptional phone functionality, including personalized ring tones for various categories of callers and the ability to respond to a call with text messaging;
  • New voice-memo application, which can be used to create custom ring tones, add voice annotations to photos or simply record a memo;
  • Enhanced e-mail and messaging capabilities, including better Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 ActiveSync support, which now includes contact sync in addition to e-mail and calendar, as well as threaded SMS/MMS messages in a single chat view and out-of-the-box support for Yahoo! , AOL, and Gmail;
  • Smarter, faster Web browsing using a new and improved version of the award-winning Blazer browser;
  • Full PDF support using DataViz Documents To Go Version 8.0, which also offers native support for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; and
  • The fast, friendly and familiar Palm OS platform, Version 5.4.9.

The Palm Treo 700p is the newest addition to our extensive line of devices for business customers and mobile professionals, giving them yet another choice that will help them stay competitive and productive in todays fast-paced business environment, said John Stratton, vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless. With the Treo 700p and its fast connections via BroadbandAccess, Verizon Wireless helps meet the needs of loyal Palm customers who demand the latest in technology.

Verizon Wireless customers with the Palm Treo 700p can take advantage of the nations most reliable wireless network when placing calls on the Verizon Wireless network, calls are more likely to go through than on any other wireless network. Customers will be able to purchase the Treo 700p online at for $399.99 after $100 instant credit when purchased with a qualified Verizon Wireless voice and data plan and two-year customer agreement. The Treo 700p will be available through Verizon Wireless Communications Stores in June.

The Treo smartphone continues to reach new customers and markets, and now only Verizon Wireless customers have a choice of both Palm OS and Windows Mobile Treo smartphones, said John Hartnett, senior vice president of worldwide sales and customer relations for Palm. The Treo 700p smartphone illustrates Palms commitment to the Palm OS, its loyal customers and developers.

Customers can choose from three calling plans that include voice calling and unlimited data access via Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess service:

  • $79.99 monthly access includes 450 anytime minutes with unlimited data usage*, unlimited IN calling and unlimited nights and weekends ($0.45 per minute after allowance).
  • $109.99 monthly access includes 1,350 anytime minutes with unlimited data usage*, unlimited IN calling and unlimited nights and weekends ($0.35 per minute after allowance).
  • $169.99 monthly access includes 4,000 anytime minutes with unlimited data usage*, unlimited IN calling and unlimited nights and weekends ($0.25 per minute after allowance).
  • Unlimited data usage for Internet browsing, e-mail and intranet access within the National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area

In addition, customers interested in using their Palm Treo 700p as a modem to send and receive data from their laptops can do so using dial-up networking with Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess Connect service. Customers with the Treo 700p and an unlimited data plan with qualifying voice plan can get unlimited BroadbandAccess Connect for $15 monthly access fee, which for many is considerably less than signing up for Wi-Fi access at coffee shops, airports and hotels. Without the qualifying voice plan, customers can get BroadbandAccess Connect with an unlimited data plan for a $30 monthly access fee.

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