Palm and Yelp Collaborate to Debut Rich Local Content on Treo Smartphones

Palm and Yelp Collaborate to Debut Rich Local Content on Treo Smartphones

August 9, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Palm and Yelp today announced the release of Yelp Mobile, which has been optimized for Palm Treo smartphones.

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You can access Yelp Mobile directly by visiting or through the new Everything Treo mobile site which is accessible from your Treo smartphone at

The co-branded mobile website will provide Treo smartphone users with easy access to information that enhances their mobile-computing experience. Mirroring the local search website, Yelp Mobile, which comprises hundreds of thousands of reviews, is presented in a small digestible format that enables users to easily read what the local community is saying about a specific business. The cooperative project represents Yelp’s first dedicated mobile effort and is available on all web-enabled phones.

Yelp on Treo

“Searching for local information is a vital part of the mobile experience. Working with Yelp will provide Treo owners with incredible, localized content for people on the go,” said Page Murray, vice president of marketing, Palm, Inc. “Fast access to Yelp’s trusted and insightful reviews will help accelerate user adoption and engagement with Treo smartphone web-based services.”

“Our reviews have become an extremely powerful tool in determining which local businesses to patronize. We’re very excited to work with Palm on our first mobile effort, especially since Treo smartphones really allow users to experience some of the rich media features of Yelp,” said Jeremy Stoppelman, chief executive officer, Yelp. “The flexibility of the Treo platform made optimizing Yelp Mobile for Treo smartphones a lot easier than we originally anticipated. Web pages load quickly, are easy to navigate and are aesthetically pleasing.”

Yelp Mobile Features

The Yelp Mobile experience allows users to either search or browse for local businesses, and more importantly, taps into the collective “local knowledge” that has been generated by the Yelp community. By inputting a specific business name and city, users will have immediate access to helpful information, such as:

  • Standard directory information (address, phone and hours of operation, where available);
  • Map of the business location and its surrounding five-block radius;
  • Yelp star rating (1-5);
  • Unbiased, witty and insightful reviews from real people in the Yelp community; and
  • Images of reviewers and businesses photos (available only on Treo smartphones, where available).

Users can input a specific location to view the most popular nearby businesses as determined by the Yelp community.

  • Browse businesses by category (restaurants, shopping, bars/nightlife, spas, and so forth);
  • Browse by neighborhood (where available); and
  • Refine the browse experience by neighborhood and category (where available).

More information can be found at Yelp.

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