Palm Announces No Approval Process for Web Distribution

At a Palm developer conference, the company announced they would not have a review process tied to approval of applications for distributed via the web.  the Palm App Catalog.  According to Tech Crunch:

The first is that they’re allowing developers to fully distribute their apps via the web. What this means is that developers can simply submit their apps to Palm, and Palm will return to them a URL that they can then blog, tweet, do whatever they want to share it. When a person then clicks on that URL they can easily install the app. And while Palm is providing the URL, it is not going to be reviewing the apps in any way — a clear dig at Apple’s approval process.

The company is also waiving the $99 for developers if their webOS apps are going to be open source. Developers in the audience were also recipients of a free Palm Pre and one month of Sprint service, which is a necessity because the Palm Pre cannot be used without wireless service.

[via Palm on Twitter]


  1. Great Palm is now making marketing

  2. Will there be any cursory reviews of the apps? I love the ‘open’ attitude, but is there a risk of compromising our data or bricking our unit?

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