Palm App Catalog Offering Paid Apps

Palm today introduced the first paid app in the Palm App Catalog. Air Hockey, which was demoed to us on the Palm Pixi a few weeks back, is the first app that is available for purchased. Air Hockey is priced at $1.99 and already claims to be the #1 best selling game. Given it’s the only paid app, it’s not exactly a hard task to accomplish. Update: Palm has also added “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire“, priced at $4.99.



So will paid apps be worth the wait? Are you already downloading Air Hockey? Let us know your thoughts  in the comments or in our Palm forums.


  1. I wish we were allowed to download it for 30 minutes or something for a trial period.

    I’m not ready to spend two bucks on a game that probably won’t be worth it. Can’t wait for some real utilities and useful applications to show up.

  2. trooper54 says:

    just get it so you can say you have the first real app from the app store!

  3. demo time limit/level limit needed before I’d buy. They also need to increase space available for apps or I won’t buy the crap ones. Since I’d rather save the limited space for important ones.

  4. gary gaston says:

    Is anyone else getting the “Out of Memory, please delete an app” error when trying to download more apps? Ive got 6gb left on my phone and have only downloaded 37 apps. I have friends with Iphones that have WAY more than that. If my Pre can only hold 37 apps, what’s the point. Ive searched blogs and know that other people are having the same issue. Is the phone actually partitioned? If ive got 6gbs free, i would expect to have all of that space for ANYTHING i want to store on my phone, be it Apps, pics, videos, or MP3s

  5. stinkyfischer says:

    if u load through filecoaster there is a limit.
    Load homebrews through Quick install and u should be able to add more

  6. trooper54 says:

    I have over 40 packages installed, no full memory alerts…

  7. briscogun says:

    Where did the paid apps go? They aren’t showing in the catalog anymore!

  8. Christopher Meinck says:

    @briscogun A security issue was detected and I’m guessing they removed the apps while the correct the issue.

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