Palm Community: Stay Excited!

In case you missed this yesterday, we’d encourage our readers to view this brief video of Palm’s Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer having a discussion with Phil McKinney, vice president and Chief Technology Officer for HP. If you are a fan of webOS, you cannot help but get excited about the future of the platform that’s now in the hands of HP. Give a quick watch and stay excited! Things are going to get more interesting.

NEW VIDCAST: A Message to the Palm Developer Community from HP PC on Vimeo.

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  1. Carol Wilson says:

    Thanks for the forum. I think this news is important to current and prospective Palm Pre owners. More marketing now is what’s necessary to reach a larger audience and save the Palm ship.

  2. Im a pre-owner and had to leave for at&t basically because sprint dropped coverage in my area. Now that AT&T has the pre I thought about dropping my iphone for it again but I just cant do it. I love webos, and I think the pre could out perform the iphone. I remember it was so hyped up that iphone users were ready to drop their phone for the pre, but alas, because palm limited the dev community, and the phone was just bogged down, and performed very slowly and laggy, it did not do well at all. I still on my pre havent sold it yet, but Im not going back to sprint anytime soon. I would love HP/Palm to listen to the community about what they want. iphone muti-tasking is a joke. Palm webos is far superior, and I would like to see it go further. Learn from the EVO, Learn from the iPhone, and implement them into the knew palm brand phone. This will definitley bring me back to palm and webos.

  3. volsari says:

    This is an interesting question. What exactly could Palm learn from Android and Apple? In my opinion it really comes down to taste. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Many people prefer a physical keyboard. There will never be one device that suits everyone. I have only had my Pre for two months, so I missed allot of the initial problems. But I have used Android and it doesn’t really even compare to webOs. If things keep going in the direction that they are, and HP will let Palm keep it’s unique and amazing OS, I can’t help but image that people will notice!

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