Palm Eos Accessories

With the release of the Palm Eos, manufacturers are starting to design Palm Eos accessories. One of the most important Palm Eos accessories will be a Palm Eos Case. A good reliable case will offer protection for your Palm Eos.

Palm Eos cases and accessories

Palm Eos Accessory

Research In Motion confirmed they will be offering BlackBerrry Bold accessories with the release of the new Bold. RIM is known for high quality accessories and you can be guaranteed these accessories for the Palm Eos will be compatible.

Palm Eos Cases

There are a wide selection of Palm Eos cases for every owner. Choose from Palm Eos skin cases which offer minimum protection or opt for a Palm Eos leather case. Leather cases will often offer more rigid support and are often called hard cases. The most popular choice will undoubtedly be the Palm Eos Holster. This offers easy access to your Palm Eos, but low protection should it take a spill. These holsters are manufactured to the specifications of the Bold to ensure a perfect fit.

Palm Eos Screen Protection

This is a must have to ensure your screen stays scratch free. Be sure to look for a Palm Eos Screen Protector that is sized perfectly for the screen size of the Bold. Remember, this is an entirely new BlackBerry device, so screen protectors from Palm Pre will not work due to the unique size of the screen on the Palm Eos. Purchase from a reliable BlackBerry accessory store or direct from RIM to ensure compatibility.

Palm Eos accessories will help protect your investment and get the most from your new Palm Eos device.

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