Palm Eyes New Sleeker Handsets and New OS By End of 2008

With Palm’s stock taking a hit yesterday, there does appear to be hope on the horizon in the form of new Treo smartphones according to Olivier Rozay, a regional director for Palm in the Asia Pacific.

There have been conflicting reports on whether Palm will be able to deliver the next generation Palm OS devices by the end of 2008. According to Rozay, "We are also going to launch the next version of Palm operating system by end of this year, which will be more suited for our sleeker and better-looking devices". Rozay also mentioned that Palm will be bundling applications such as Facebook in its upcoming handsets.

There have been conflicting reports on when Palm will actually release the next generation Palm OS. Many expect that Palm will introduce the Palm Treo 800w in the coming weeks, possibly CTIA. This could be our first look at then new sleeker handsets that Palm has in store. If Palm were to deliver a new sleeker Treo running an on updated Palm OS architecture, it would help regain it’s position among the top smartphone manufacturers. RIM and Apple have managed to cut into Palm’s marketshare over the past year leaving the company with only 9% of the smartphone market. To put that in perspective, relative newcomer Motorola has managed to garner a 7% market share despite having a runaway hit when it comes to devices. In only 8 months, the iPhone has managed an astonishing 28% market share. Needless to say, Palm needs to move quickly and if correct this will come as welcome news for Palm enthusiasts and stockholders.

Source: LiveMint

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