Palm Freezes Early Access to webOS 2.0 After Leak

Plenty of drama unfolded last night as someone leaked information to PreCentral regarding a virtual keyboard reference in the webOS 2.0 SDK. The lead has drawn the ire of Palm, since it essentially outed a pretty important feature that’s likely coming with the next major update. As a result, Palm has put a freeze on access to the new SDK. Palm’s webOSdev Twitter account suggests the company may be looking at changing policies regarding early access.

webOS 2.0 SDK freeze

No word on when things will start moving again, but it seems one bad apple has spoiled the bunch. Hang in there devs, sounds like Palm will get it sorted out. And how about the idea of a virtual keyboard. Maybe we’ll have some new hardware that is sans a physical keyboard. If today’s news that sales of the Epic 4G eclipsed Sprint’s 1st day sales for any device, it seems people do like a hard keyboard.


  1. minutes after posting this @webOSdev said they’re opening applications again.

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