Palm Improving Market Share On Strong Centro Sales

According to research firm IDC, Palm has increased their market share from 7.9% in Q4 07′ to 13.4% in Q1 08′ on strong sales of the Palm Centro.

The success of the Palm Centro and it’s attractive $99 price point have helped Palm make tremendous strides from the fourth quarter
of 2007 to Q1 of 2008. The Centro was only available through Sprint at the time, so these numbers could carry through to the next quarter. Clearly, Sprint’s aggressive ad campaign combined with Palm finding a new demographic with the pint-sized Centro have had an immediate impact. More impressive is that Palm saw their numbers rise while Apple saw a decline from 26.7 to 19.2 percent. Massachesetts based research firm IDC released the report today.

Apple is expected to announce a new 3G compatible iPhone in the next week. Rumors are abound that a price point of $199 is possible for either the existing iPhone or the 3G iPhone through an AT&T subsidy. Palm is expected to release the Centro on Verizon Wireless this month. The company will certainly see a boost with the forthcoming Treo 800w and Treo 850 models due out in the coming months. This will be followed by new Palm devices slated for 2009 that will run Palm’s next generation Palm OS 2.0.

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