Palm Introduces New Developer Program

Palm Introduces New Developer Program

September 18, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Palm Developer Network Offers Technical Help Including New Ways to Test and Market Applications

Reaffirming its commitment and ongoing support to the developer community worldwide, Palm, Inc. has unveiled the Palm Developer Network (PDN). PDN is designed for mobile hardware and software developers targeting Palm products and is the first formal developer program to include both Palm OS and Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC developers.

The new program provides focused technical, business and marketing support, and replaces Palm’s prior, successful developer program, PluggedIn. New services include a support library to answer developer questions, and a “Designed For Palm Products” compatibility test and logo program to help validate that the mobile solutions are compatible with Palm devices. Additional developer services are available for members of Palm’s Select Developer Program — an invite-only group of top developers who consistently deliver highly valued consumer or business applications to customers worldwide.

“Third-party mobile solutions are a critical element of the Palm Experience,” said Mike Rank, director of developer relations for Palm, Inc. “Palm is committed to helping our developers grow their businesses and be successful in the competitive marketplace. PDN makes it easier for Palm developers to ramp sales, increase profitability and strengthen brand value.”

Through the Palm Developer Network, developers can build a wide range of applications for Palm devices to meet the needs of consumers, mobile professionals and enterprise mobile-solution users, including:

  • multimedia;
  • location-based services;
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Field Force Automation (FFA);
  • financial applications;
  • healthcare;
  • security;
  • games;
  • productivity tools;
  • travel; and
  • industry-specific solutions.

Palm Select Developer Program

The Select Developer Program is a new program for Palm’s top developer partners who are responsible for driving significant business with Palm. This program offers select developers additional premium technical, marketing and sales services. Select program participation is by Palm invitation only; partner solutions must have successfully completed “Designed For Palm Products” compatibility testing for Select Developer consideration.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Palm developers will have access to a new technical knowledge base that simply, quickly and comprehensively searches the entire Palm developer support documentation library to answer their technical questions.

“Designed For Palm Products” Program

This new service executes a suite of compatibility tests appropriate for a mobile solution on Palm devices configured for typical customer usage. Solutions that successfully complete compatibility testing are awarded the “Designed For Palm Products” logo, enabling developers to extend brand value through the Palm brand. As a result, customers have greater confidence in their purchase, knowing that these developer solutions deliver on Palm’s high standards of excellence.

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