Palm Introduces Treo 680 To Switzerland and Phillipines

Palm Introduces Treo 680 To Switzerland and Phillipines

January 22, 2007

By: Jill Janson

Palm has introduced the Palm Treo 680 in both Switzerland and the Phillipines.

Palm and Orange Announce Treo 680 Smartphone in Switzerland

Palm, Inc. and Orange have announced the Palm Treo 680 smartphone, running on the Palm OS platform. The Treo 680 smartphone is ideal for the professional consumer who wants a more advanced phone experience on a single device, including access to email, web browsing, messaging and a range of features that are easy to use.

Treo 680

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“Orange is pleased to bring the new Palm OS Treo smartphone to its customers in Switzerland,” said Sebastian Petit, product manager, Orange. “The Treo 680 empowers users with a mobile connection to their email, calendar and contacts, as well as web browsing, messaging, multimedia, and more. We believe the Treo 680 smartphone, combined with the Orange Business Mail offering, will serve our customers’ needs and help expand our customer base.”

Palm and Globe Telecom Bring the New Slim, Sleek Treo 680 Smartphone to the Philippines

Palm, Inc. and Globe Telecom have introduced the Palm Treo 680 smartphone, a GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad-band world phone, in the Philippines.

Globe customers will find the Treo 680 smartphone easy to use, slim and compact, yet packed full of features beyond its stellar phone capability, such as email, web browsing, messaging, multimedia, calendar, contacts and more. Palm believes this product, which is available now, will appeal to feature-phone users who want a more capable mobile-computing device.

“Globe is proud to be the first operator in the Philippines to bring the Treo 680 smartphone, with its award-winning operating system and ease of use, to its individual and corporate subscribers,” said Jesus C. Romero, head of the Enterprise Business Group of Globe Telecom. “The Treo 680 is the right step toward helping our corporate subscribers move to a richer and more full-featured mobile experience that helps them work efficiently while on the move. This is the kind of innovation that Globe is committed to bring to the wireless voice and data market.”

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