Palm Pixi 2 Rumored for SRF, HP Palm To Ship Bi-Monthly Smartphones

Rumors today via our friends at PreCentral that Palm will ship a new Palm Pixi 2 to SFR. It appears that France has become the new hotbed for new Palm devices, with SFR being the only current provider offering the Palm Pre 2. Palm had stated that Verizon would carry the Palm Pre 2 in the “coming months“, but the two have missed the critical holiday shopping window. With CES around the corner, sending the Palm Pre 2 to the shelves in January would be the equivalent of taking a knife to a gunfight. The news is not all bleak. The Palm Pre 2 represents an incremental upgrade, a phone that likely wouldn’t have sold in numbers that would affect any real positive change in market share. What’s needed from HP/Palm is one or more killer devices. News today indicates that phones are indeed coming. HP’s Todd Bradley told employees of HP that the company plans to “ship a new smartphone every two months“.

CES is coming. HP/Palm will certainly be there and we’ll be there live blogging the yet-unannounced event. Will Palm bring it?


  1. CES 2011 is the right time for making these announcements. Lets hope it will happen, unless this internal HP/Palm communication to employees will stay just like that, and no official statement will arrive at CES.
    However it is worthly to be there and I thank you in advance for keep all EP forum members updated.

  2. Chadmiles66 says:

    i hope so too, but i also hope i’m not gonna be dissapointed

  3. Liliceman77 says:

    i have the palm pre on sprint. love the software, hate the hardware. Lowest build quality ever for a phone. if i pay $150 for a phone i expect it to be excellent in every category. I’m waiting for a pixi 2. hate the slider on the pre.

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