Palm Pixi Ad Touts WiFi Capability

In preperation for their holiday promotions, Sprint has created a holiday website promoting the various new phones in their lineup. The Palm Pixi, scheduled for release on November 15th, is among the phones offered by Sprint. It appears someone must have been guilty of some copy & paste from the Palm Pre’s product description, with the description showing the Palm Pixi as WiFi capable. For the record, the Palm Pixi does not feature WiFi.


In any event, you can check out the Palm Pixi in Sprint’s new holiday promotion site. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to purchase the Pixi for just $99.

[via Engadget]


  1. Wovvbagger says:

    humm …. haven’t seen those two dark “holes” on the upper left of the pixi on any other picture yet. Looks like a camera with a led light? Maybe this pixi will be capable of video telephony?

  2. They did the same with the voice dialing feature on the pre… Stupid Sprint…

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