Palm Pixi Gets Reviewed

The first Palm Pixi review has surfaced today over at PhoneArena. Their review unit is running webOS 1.3.1, which apparently does not ship with the device, but is available as a software update. Palm Pre owners will see 1.3.1, but the update is not currently available.


Interesting that iTunes does not work with webOS 1.3.1 on the Pixi. Other highlights from PhoneArena:

Camera: The results were pretty poor: color saturation was too exaggerated, details were extremely blurry and the camera was only usable in good lighting conditions, despite the LED flash.  Pre was by no means a standout, but it was acceptable.  Pixi’s camera is a disappointment.  Video capture is still not available.

Facebook: When the Palm Pixi was announced it mentioned a native Facebook client, but thus far there is none.  Included software is identical and includes Sprint apps like Navigation, NFL and NASCAR clients, as well as Office and PDF readers.

Overall: The Pixi is a great compliment to the Pre and a worthy second entry into the webOS lineup.  Its size and feel is just wonderful and we think that many people would pick the Palm Pixi over the Pre because of this, even at the same price.

If you are considering the Palm Pixi, we’d encourage you to check out their full review.

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