Palm Pixi Under $30 at Walmart, Backordered

The Palm Pixi hasn’t been released yet, but we’re already seeing price breaks at places like Walmart. The big box reseller is offering the Palm Pixi for $29.99 at, with no mail-in rebate required. The Pixi is currently back ordered, but by all accounts it looks as if you can purchase it today for $30. Those who can wait a week or so can get a great deal on the Pixi.


As some of our readers have noted in the past, Let’s Talk processes orders for Walmart. If at anytime within the first 181 days you cancel your contract with Sprint, you’ll likely get hit with a pretty big charge.

With the Droid, some folks have had luck price matching Walmart’s online store with Best Buy and Walmart retail locations. If you are headed out Sunday to pick up a Pixi, do yourself a favor and bring a print out Walmart’s pricing.

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