Palm Pre 2 November 11th Release Date Rumor Smashed

A few weeks back, we reported on a rumor that the Palm Pre 2 would release on Verizon Wireless on November 11th. No better way to smash a rumor than to have the calendar move to November 11th without any new Palm devices on the shelves of our local Verizon Wireless store. PreCentral reported earlier this week Palm Pre 2 training is taking place, which is certainly a good sign. That original rumor also mentioned a slew of Android devices including the Droid Pro, so it’s partially correct, since pre-orders have started shipping for those devices. With an onslaught of Android devices, let’s hope that Verizon CSR’s do a better job pimping webOS to potential customers. Right now, Android phones like the Droid Pro have a bit of head start.

Palm Pre 2

As for when the Palm Pre 2 might hit shelves? Tough to say, but one would think sometime soon. We’ve yet to see a review of the production Palm Pre 2, which usually precedes any major launch. Stay tuned! It’s gotta be soon, no?


  1. IMHO HP/Palm are preparing a simultaneous launch : Verizon, sites : HP student, HP small business, HP e-print and hope with some TV and websites Ads.

    By the other way I was writing some advice for Palm, for that before bad experience with Verizon sales force, something like this:

    Motivation: For a carrier sales force
    If the past gave you a bad experience with your carrier sales force that were selling another brand instead yours. Motivate them.
    Your brand smartphone. Scale prizes for sales force. (Example)
    1.- For 1000 smartphones individually sold- Give away a package of 10 paid applications.
    2.-For 1500 smartphones individually sold-Give away a useful wireless accessory.
    3.- For 2000 smartphones individually sold- Give away one device.
    Add to this example another useful give away scale level.

    sort of.

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