Palm Pre Accessories

Accessories for the Palm Pre are already available thanks to Palm and other third party manufacturers. While the Palm Pre is launching sometime in the middle of 2009, expect Palm to ship Palm Pre accessories at the time of launch. We expect that Palm will ship Palm Pre Skin Cases at the time of launch. These are low cost, high in demand Palm Pre Cases. Shop with confidence at Everything Palm Pre, we are a online superstore featuring the largest selection of Palm Pre accessories. All orders are backed by our 30-day guarantee. Our network of smartphone stores have shipped almost 1 million orders worldwide.

Palm Pre Accessory

Out of the box, the Palm Pre will include a travel charger, USB cable and stereo headset. The travel charger will come with attachments allowing you to travel with your Pre. Since the Palm Pre is on Sprint, you will have trouble outside of the US.

  • Palm Pre Memory Expansion: The Palm Pre features 8GB of internal user memory. It does not support any memory expansion
  • Headset: The Palm Pre includes a 3.5mm jack. For multimedia, feel free to use any stereo headset.
  • Cases: Given the slider nature of the Palm Pre, case manufacturers will have to get creative. You can answer a call without sliding out the keyboard, but many users are going to want to slide out the keyboard without removing the Palm Pre from it’s case.
  • Car Mounts: The Palm Pre is smaller than a Centro. Be sure to check compatibility of your existing car mount and be sure to secure your Palm Pre before driving.

Palm Pre Cases

With roughly 3-4 months before Sprint releases the Palm Pre, you can safely expect a large selection of Palm Pre Cases. For the last four years, our store has specialized in Treo cases and the Pre will be no different. Check out our complete section on Palm Pre Cases.