Palm Pre and Palm Pixi Accessory Sale at Verizon Wireless

If you missed out on the Radio Shack Palm accessory sale, you’ve got another chance to score a great deal on accessories for both the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus. Verizon Wireless has incredible pricing on accessory bundles for both webOS phones.

Palm Pre Plus:

  • Touchstone Charger, Vehicle Charger: $19.96
  • Touchstone Charger, Vehicle Charger, and Case: $24.95

Palm Pixi Plus:

  • Touchstone Charger and Rear Cover: $9.97
  • Touchstone Charger, Rear Cover, Vehicle Power Charger: $19.96

You don’t necessarily have to have a Verizon branded Palm device in order to take advantage of this sale. Also, these prices include free overnight shipping.

via WebOSroundup


  1. Does the touchstone charger comes with a wall charging adapter and a micro USB cable to plug in to the touchstone, or is it only the touchstone… I already have a touchstone and I am thinking of getting another, however I can’t remember if it came with extra wall charger or if I had to use the wall charger that came with my Pre.

  2. Christopher Meinck says:

    I don’t think it comes with either the wall charger or a USB cable. I can let you know later today. Verizon sent me a FEDEX confirmation, so I’ll accept delivery on it today. I already have a touchstone. If it came with another charger, cable, that would be great.

  3. Nice, that’s helpful for me!

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