Palm Pre Cases

Cases for the Palm Pre will be available in our Palm Pre Case and Accessory Store. Cases purchased are backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Our store has shipped thousands of cases. Protect your Palm Pre and choose from the largest selection of cases available. Choose from leather cases, skin cases, pouch cases, organizer cases and more. Everything Treo is your source for Palm Pre Cases and more.

Cases for the Palm Pre

Looking at the options available from online stores, some will be viable case options when the Palm Pre is released. Palm has announced there will be a few Palm Pre accessories at launch including the TouchStone charging station and a Palm Pre Slip Case. The selection of cases for a new device like the Palm Pre might fit your style. In the interim, here are Palm Pre accessories that we feel will work with your Palm Pre:

  • Palm Pre Pouch Cases: One of the more flexible cases in terms of compatibility is the Palm Pre Pouch by SPE. It a magent enclosure and leather pouch style. It will protect your Palm Pre against scratches and the soft lining will not scratch the screen.
  • Palm Pre Organizer Cases: Organizer cases are the swiss army knife of protection and utility. In addition to providing protection for your Palm Pre, organizer cases allow you to hold everything but the kitchen sink.

Best Selling Palm Pre Cases

With the Palm Pre announced, we expect the more popular or best selling cases to follow trends from other Palm devices. Palm Pre leather cases will most likely find their way to our Best Selling Cases for the Palm Pre shortly after they are released. Since the Palm Pre for Sprint will not launch until later this year, you can expect several manufacturers will have cases ready for launch. These cases all provide suitable protection and they are manufacturer to the exact size of the Palm Pre. With the expected popularity of the Palm Pre, Palm will make sure there are a good choice of Palm Pre cases and Palm Pre accessories available when it is released.