Palm Pre Drops to $49 at Furniture Mart

One of our readers wandered into a Furniture Mart, which are located in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. If you happen to live near one of those locations, you can score a Palm Pre for a rock bottom price of $49 out the door. That’s by far the lowest price we’ve seen for the Pre and there is no mail-in rebate required.


Considering this is a B&M location, you can likely use this ad to price match at Best Buy in or around Nebraska.

[Thanks Bainx in our Palm forums]


  1. Dr. Death91 says:

    The best news of this, is that it applies to both new and 24mo. upgrades! So if you’re in the KC metro, Omaha & Des Moines, go get yourself a new toy.

  2. I’ll definitely have to check it out. However, it still makes you wonder why the price continues to drop and if an upgraded Pre is on the way. Another week or 2 and it’s too late to announce an upgrade for the Christmas season.

    (by the way, the store’s name is not just “Furniture Mart”. It’s “Nebraska Furniture Mart”… even in Kansas City)

  3. Dr. Death91 says:

    @Ed Roberts NFM always tries to undercut the competition, be it electronics, furniture, etc. So I don’t think this is a case of the Pre losing value, but more of an extreme effort to drive sales.

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