Palm Pre for $79.99 at Walmart

Just a few days ago, we saw the Palm Pre hit Amazon for $100. Those willing to go through the rebate process can get the Palm Pre for just $79.99 from Walmart with a 2-year agreement. The $100 mail-in rebate goes through Let’s Talk, who handles wireless sales for Walmart.


Between the $99.99 rebate-free Amazon offer and the $79.99 Walmart offer there are plenty of options to get a low price on a new Palm Pre. No word on whether this offer is available at retail locations.

Thanks Akitayo!


  1. Makes you wonder if they will come out with a Pre 16GB version to make a bigger difference with the Pixie.

  2. I strongly suggest you buying from Amazon rather than Walmart/Letstalk. Read their return/exchange policy. Its just horrible.

    I bought the phone from letstalk on August. The phone wasn’t functioning properly. So I had to return/exchange it. I called them (there is about 30mins wait) and they said according to their policy, I have to ship it back. They won’t pay for it. So, I ended up shipping the phone back. I didn’t see any status update for about 4 days. Apparently, it takes them about 48hrs to check whether everything is returned properly and create a new order. After that, they take their own sweet time to ship it back. Only new orders have priority and ship within a day. My order was lying there for a week. Everytime I called (oh, 30 min wait time), they would just say, we can’t guarantee anything, it will ship only when its ready. After 2 weeks, I got fed up and cancelled the order.

    I went to Sprint store and picked up the phone from there. Trust me, the experience was horrible.

  3. After Pre and Pixi would it means maybe that we will have a $199 16GB device next?

  4. This price drop can’t signal anything good for existing palm-pre sales. Should be free after rebate by early next year.

  5. Please correct the headline. It’s NOT available for $79.99. It’s available for $179.99.

    What’s that you say? There’s a $100 rebate available? Bwahahahahahaha. Clearly you have no experience with sketchy cell phone rebate companies. For anyone who is confident that they will ever $100, I have a bridge to sell you too.

    Question: How many companies do you know that scam people so often that they have entire websites dedicated to their scams? (

  6. Christopher Meinck says:

    @mike The end price is $79.99 after a $100 rebate. If I were in the market for a Palm Pre, I’d too would opt for the $99 rebate free offer at Amazon.

    For those willing to read the fine print and submit the appropriate rebate paperwork, the end price is $79.99. I filled out many a rebate without an issue. I haven’t used Let’s Talk, so cannot comment on how good/bad they are with processing rebates.

  7. @Chris

    You’re not getting it. Yes, there is a “rebate.” No, you should not expect it to be fulfilled. Even if you follow all the fine print in their terms and conditions. Just do a Google search for Let’s Talk rebate – half the hits that come up are about how Let’s Talk doesn’t honor their rebates, even when you follow the instructions. I have firsthand experience with the sketchy cell phone rebate companies…trust me, it’s NOTHING like trying to get a rebate from a legitimate company like Apple or Sprint or AT&T.

  8. David Leppik says:

    For what it’s worth, I got a Pre this summer from the Sprint store with the mail-in rebate. They emailed me progress reports on the rebate processing, and I did receive my check in a timely manner.

  9. The price of the Pre should not be an issue. I agree with the person opting for the Pre at Amazon. Far better customer service. I’ve owned 2 Pre phones and have returned them both due to miserable battery life and a great deal of heat generated by the microprocessor. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great device is you can put up with those issues.

  10. I don’t get it. I got my 2 rebates back from Sprint for 2 palm pre’s with out any problem

  11. Thecodenetwork says:

    the pre is now 74.99 at amazon. You get free shipping and a free $5 amazon mp3 card

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