Palm Pre Now Available on Bell in Canada

The Palm Pre is available in Canada starting today. To usher in the release, Palm has updated their App Catalog to include The Canadian Mobile Press app.


We’d like to welcome our friends up north to the Palm Pre and invite you to join EverythingPre. Registration is free and enables you to download thousands of Palm Pre wallpapers. Have questions about the Palm Pre? Find answers in our Palm Pre forums.

The Palm Pre on Bell is priced at $199.95 and requires a 3-year contract. To find out more information, please visit BELL.


  1. Tousensemble says:

    Thank you for the good news !
    French guyz can go to this website :
    Vous parlez fran├žais ? Venez sur ce site !

  2. Moltenfire says:

    The version available on Bell is P100EWW, NOT P100UNA as speculated.

  3. Went out to Yorkdale today and ran across the T-Booth store. (I was in a hurry for another store) But stopped in to see if they had a Pre to look at. Bell had a nice display for the Pre. The Pre was NOT empty and void of any guts. It was a working model, good weight and the key pad was a bit small for my ‘butcher hands’ but i was able to type a quick message in the calendar view. I’ll need to stop by and spend some time with the Pre.
    I am still holding out for a GSM version and seeing one now in the flesh, so to speak, has only added to my views and wanting it.

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