Palm Pre On Sale at The Shack for $149.99

If you missed the Best Buy $99 mistake, then perhaps this might be your next best option. According to an internal memo, the Palm Pre will be priced at $149.99 plus tax at The Shack (formerly Radio Shack). The price does of course require a new 2-year commitment, but does not require any mail-in rebates.

New customers can also purchase Palm Pre accessories at The Shack at 20% off their normal retail price. The sale starts today and ends on Sunday.

[via SlickDeals]


  1. Even if I Did not have a Pre (which I do) I would NEVER step foot in a store as useless as that place.

  2. Damn Hrolf why the hate? As someone who despises crowds and urban sprawl, I think Radio Shack is a breath of fresh air. I have one within walking distance of my house — the manager knows me so I get personal service, and it feels like a mom-and-pop shop – but one that can get all the latest goodies at sometimes-moderately-good prices.

  3. Ah, price drops always make the people who rush to buy them feel stupid. haha, but then again 2 months is totally worth the extra 50$.

  4. the shack has it for 199 not 150 whats the deal ..

  5. Not hate, I just think a store that is completely useless shouldn’t be in business. You can find anything in their store online or elsewhere for a better price and you don’t have to deal with smug sales people. Maybe you have a good shop near you but from indiana,florida and now tennessee they are useless.

  6. It says $149.99 on NEW 2 year activation.If you already have Sprint, you probably won’t get this special price. When I was first looking to buy my Pre, they were offering the Pre for $250 (I think) for renewel @ year plans. For NEW 2 year plans it was $199.99. Always read the fine print!

  7. Still does not beat the deal wen BB screwed up on their pricing I took mine back that Sunday got 107 dollars in cash back total cost for me 107 dollars.

  8. This is not accurate according to the weekly ad as well as the radioshack website.

  9. Islandspeed says:

    Just wait for the new Pixi which has all the Pre features, smaller and apparently will be much cheaper than the Pre.

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