Palm Pre Plus Now Available on AT&T

As of today, the Palm Pre Plus is available at AT&T Wireless retail stores and online. The Palm Pre Plus retails for $149.99 (after a $100 mail-in rebate) and requires a 2-year agreement. AT&T Wireless online appears to be selling the Palm Pre Plus for a straight $149.99, with no mail-in rebate. Those of you looking for a no-committment Palm Pre Plus, it’s priced at $399. It’s not unlocked and can only be used on AT&T. It does not however require any sort of contract agreement.

Anyone pick up their Palm Pre Plus from AT&T today? Get your free Touchstone? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Michael b says:

    $249 upfront? That’s rediculous. Best buy needs to hurry up and get them in.

  2. Got my AT&T Pre everything went smooth and they way u get the free Touchstone is through the mail, Anyone buying a AT&T Pre make sure to mention the free touchstone offer because they won’t ;-)

  3. MARK BLAKER says:

    got the Palm Pre at a ATT&T store matched the internet offer and also threw in the touchstone

  4. i’ve been waiting for it to come out but it’s crazy at 149 after rebate. why pay 249 upfront w/ contract for something I can get on verizon for 29.

  5. Craig Boudreaux says:

    The touchstone AT&T give for free (after rebate) has a cable and plug included. The one sold on the sprint plan didn’t. (You had to use the cable and plug that came with the phone.) So you actually get two full chargers with AT&T during this promotion.

  6. how long is the touchstone promotion going on for?

  7. Anybody bought a no-commitment Pre from ATT’s website? I want to take advantage of Bing CashBack for an unlocked Pre, but it looks like you can only buy it in a ATT B&M store.

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