Palm Releases Mojo SDK 1.2

To support the release of webOS 1.2.0, Palm today has also released an update to their Mojo Software Development Kit. Palm suggests developers get the latest update and highlights the following:

  • Improved installation and development platform support.
    The Mojo SDK now supports Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Windows 7 Beta (32- and 64-bit), and Windows Vista 64-bit. We’ve also addressed a number of configuration and installation issues that you’ve reported – thanks for your help in tracking these down.
  • New and improved SDK tools.
    Debugging your app should be much easier thanks to the new palm-log tool, which can display or tail your app’s log output — including JavaScript syntax errors and runtime exceptions. The v1.2 SDK also includes a new webOS Resource Monitor (WORM) tool to help you monitor your app’s memory usage and an updated Palm Inspector with improved reload functionality and reliability.
  • New and enhanced APIs.
    There are a handful of new APIs in the latest SDK, including perhaps the single most popular request: the new Download Manager API lets apps download and upload files over HTTP.

You can download the Mojo SDK directly from Palm and get more information on the update at Palm’s webOSdev blog.

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