Palm Releases Treo 680 Update for AT&T

Palm has released Product Update 2.11 for owners of the AT&T branded Treo 680. In addition to a host of performance improvements,
those who update will be eligible for a promotional copy of Astraware Sodoku.

This software update provides device enhancements including improved Bluetooth wireless performance for some headsets and car kits, audio quality, and media file functionality in Messaging. In addition, you’ll get brand new features such as Push To Talk, for walkie-talkie functionality, and Microsoft’s Direct Push Technology to get your latest email, appointments, and contacts sent directly to you, and more.

  • Push to Talk1 With Push to Talk, you can use your Treo 680 like a walkie-talkie to talk to one person or a group of up to 29. A quick glance at your smartphone shows whether family, friends, and coworkers are available to talk before you call.
  • Corporate email as it arrives2 Have your corporate email delivered to you with Microsoft Direct Push Technology. Accept or decline meeting invites on the go and have your work calendar updated automatically. With the ability to access your company directory wirelessly, you can quickly address an email to a colleague just by typing a few letters.
  • IM on your Treo smartphone Access your instant messaging service from AOL, Windows Live Messenger, or Yahoo! A tabbed graphical Mobile IM interface makes it easy to log in to your instant messaging accounts and quickly switch between IM communities3.
  • Easy access to additional services Easily access extra services on your Treo smartphone such as TeleNav GPS Navigator and MobiTV for watching live TV4.
  • Power saving enhancements Helps conserve battery life with improved power management and updated default system power preferences.
  • Supports larger expansion cards Carry more of your work, music, photos, and other files, with support for up to 4GB SD expansion cards (including the SDHC format), sold separately.
  • Enhanced ringtone support MP3 and other sound files purchased from the web or sent from friends can now be set as ringtones and alerts. Supported ringtone formats include MP3, AAC, AAC+, MIDI, WAV, and AMR.
  • Cingular, now the new AT&T Youll notice updated graphics reflecting the new AT&T branding, including a new look for the Xpress Mail application.
  • Three updates in one This update incorporates three previously released software updates: Treo 680 Camera Update (January 2007), Daylight Saving Time Update (February 2007), and Treo 680 Software Update 1.09 (May 2007).

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Source: TreoCentral

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