Palm Releases Treo 700p Update for Sprint

Palm Releases Treo 700p Update for Sprint

June 4, 2007

By: Christopher Meinck

The Palm Treo 700p update provides the following performance and reliability enhancements. UPDATE: Palm has since removed this update upon receiving isolated reports of an installation issue.

If you have experienced an issue with the maintenance release installation, please contact us: 1-866-750-7256

  • Performance improvements to phone application
  • System improvements to minimize skipping during music playback and eliminate audio delays experienced on some games
  • Performance improvement to minimize delays experienced when loading Blazer browser
  • Support for new daylight savings time legislation, plus a simplified Date/Time preference panel
  • Increased expansion card support including 4GB SD cards and SDHC cards
  • Resolution of certain “wake up” issues that may occur with certain third party push email solutions
  • Improved handling of SMS messages to lessen stalling of messages
  • For customers using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with SP 2 and above, an update to VersaMail client now includes an update to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync which adds Microsofts Direct Push Technology for push email, calendar and contacts. Also adding other EAS functionality such as remote wipe, policy support, and global address lookup

Bluetooth wireless technology enhancements

  • Increases list of supported/compatible Bluetooth wireless carkits, including BMW and Toyota/Lexus (Denso)
  • Improves overall user experience with supported Bluetooth wireless carkits and headsets (e.g. allow user to manually connect / disconnect to a Bluetooth device)
  • Additional Bluetooth wireless functionality (e.g. audio routing to Bluetooth headset even when wired headset is plugged in)
    • The Palm Treo 700p update is availabe through Palm’s site.

      Other Carriers

      • Verizon Wireless: coming soon
      • Alltel: no update needed
      • Cellular South: no update needed
      • Telus: no update needed

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