Palm Releases Treo 755p Software Update for Verizon

Palm has released a software update for the Verizon branded Treo 755p. According to Palm, "This software update is a tune-up that improves the phone application, stability and device usability."

Do I Need This Update?

On your Treo 755p, press Phone . Then press Menu . From the Options menu, select Phone Info. Look for the Software item. If the version number is lower than 1.08 and the end of the string says VZW, you should install this update. This update is for the Treo 755p for Verizon owners only.

Treo 755p Software Update for Verizon

The update takes approximately 45 minutes. Mac users will need an expansion card and reader to perform the udpate. Users are encouraged to back up their data. For more information and to download the update, please visit Palm.

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