Palm Selects VoiceIndigo As Podcast Partner

Palm Selects VoiceIndigo As Podcast Partner

September 25, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

VoiceIndigo today announced that Palm, Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of smartphones, has selected VoiceIndigo as the podcasting partner for its mobile portal . This alliance will enable mobile users of Palm Treo 700p and Treo 700w smartphones to discover, listen, and share podcasts.

Treo Podcast

VoiceIndigo joins Yahoo!, Google, ESPN, and other leading Internet properties on Palm’s mobile portal to give mobile users easy-to-use access to news, email, weather, sports, and now podcasting. Used by tens of thousands of users daily, is the go-to site for Palm mobile users. With VoiceIndigo, Treo smartphone users can now have quick access to podcasts including NPR, BBC, the Onion, Infoworld and others.

“When we recently redesigned our mobile portal, we selected and partnered with those companies that could provide the best solutions for Treo mobile users, who increasingly want news and entertainment on-the-go,” said Audrey Muller, product manager, web applications, Palm, Inc. “For mobile podcasting, we selected VoiceIndigo as our exclusive partner because it provides our users with the easiest and most complete way to manage and listen to podcasts on their Treo smartphones.”

“We are excited to be a part of Palm’s mobile solution and believe that VoiceIndigo’s mobile podcasting solution will greatly benefit Treo mobile users,” said John Mayerhofer, VoiceIndigo’s co-founder and CEO. “Podcasting is an important medium for entertainment, commentary and news and is increasingly being accessed by mobile devices. With the growing popularity of Palm Treo smartphones, we look forward to making it easy for Treo users to enjoy podcasts.”

VoiceIndigo Podcasting Features

From, Treo users will be able to act as their own audio programming director, finding interesting podcasts, create audio channels, and share them with friends. Some key features available to Treo users include the following:

  • Browse podcasts by category
  • Search for podcasts by keywords
  • Create personal audio channels (e.g., MyComedy, MyManchesterUnited)
  • Share podcasts and channels with friends
  • Rate podcasts

Treo mobile users will find the VoiceIndigo podcasting solution on the home page under the Audio channel.

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