Palm Smart Phone Market Share Steady Thanks To Pre

A recent survey conducted by ChangeWave research shows that Palm has reversed the trend that saw them losing market share. With the release of the Palm Pre, the company has held steady at 7% market share. Of course, this is a big decline from 2006, where the company led with a 36% market share. The release of the Palm Pre in June and forthcoming Palm Pixi should help Palm capture part of that lost market share to RIM and Apple. It also remains to be seen how Android phones will impact the current market leaders.


Palm has long stated that more webOS devices are in the pipeline and Verizon has confirmed they will get both the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi in early 2010. More carriers, the maturation of the App Catalog and a variety of webOS devices should make for an interesting 2010.

The research firm also measured customer satisfaction, with Palm just below HTC with 33% saying they were “very satisfied” with their phone. Phones are not broken out by model, so it’s not clear as to what phones might be a drag on those numbers.


So how about you, the Palm Pre customer. Are you very satisfied with your Palm Pre? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I am really happy with my palm pre. After a few more updates,I could even LOVE it. WebOS for the win.

  2. I’ve had just about every “new age” phone possible; from the startac8500 to now the Pre. And the Pre is happiest I’ve ever been with a phone (including the storm and Iphone). It the the best of the smart phone crop in terms of practical usage. Yeah palm does not have the App catalog, but I don’t need to download an App of a Koi pond. I need a smart phone to be “SMART” like run multiple applications at once.
    Let’s not forget the cool factor. It’s smaller and more compact than most phones and aint nothing cooler than throwing away a card with the swipe of a finger. Biggest selling points for me are the Qwerty keypad, and the fact that, because of the size and swipe feature, you can fully operate the phone with one hand (except when typing). No other phone has that ergonomic capability.

  3. im pretty happy with it. i think when palm has a few more major updates it will be killer. i really want an on screen keyboard from time to time, better way to delete a lot of emails at once (like say 100 at a time), and few other small things just not there yet.

  4. Gordon Gaines says:

    My wife and I love our Palm Pre’s. I used to be a hardcore WM fan, not any more, Web O.S. has a lot going for it but needs some improvement, and as long as Palm keeps improving the O.S. and the apps I’ll be very happy with my pre. This O.S. is a lot easier to use than WM.

  5. ruben eastman says:

    i use to want a iphone so bad but when sprint release the pre,i was excited everything i wanted and hell with the app the iphone has in due time the pre will build there’s up its only been four month iphone had 2yrs.this is my first palm phone,i was alway a windows mobile the only way im switching from the pre is if they bring out the pre2..sprint should lock this phone up same way AT&T did with the iphone.i see palm addressing certain issues with the updates&i hope they continue to do so.i think the demand for this phone will go up..keep it up palm

  6. I really love the pre..just whish there were zoom on the camera and forward text.

  7. Preee Wannabeee says:

    Digital zoom is the most retarded feature ever created. It does not increase the quality of the picture in any way. All it does is throw out half of the pixels so that they’re not recoverable.

    You’re much better off taking the pic in 1x and cropping the picture the way you like it at a later time.

  8. I love my palm pre… I am waiting on a group text app and then I’ll be the happiest phone owner EVER!

  9. I really love this phone, but my touchscreen does not work unless the charger cord is plugged in…this is extremely frustrating because I have to carry the cord with me everywhere I go so that I can use this phone…i’ve only had this phone for a little over a month…I love everything about it, but I just wish it worked well

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Pre! It’s met all my requirements and then some. It’s small and sleek, waaay cool and PRACTICAL. All my contacts, tasks, calendars are all on one device and without having to be tethered to my computer to sync. The fact that I can keep multiple applications open at the same time was a HUGE selling point. I can research things on the Web and still answer emails or text without having to shut the apps down. WebOS rocks!

  11. Gadgetedi says:

    The Pre is fantastic. The iPhone is an awesome “device”, but I could never get past the form factor for a phone. The Pre’s design is comfortable to me, and screams functionality. It just feels right in my hand and on my ear. I’ve seen all the gripes on the web about screen size and the small keyboard. But let’s not forget one of the points Palm made when they announced this product – It’s design promotes one-handed use.

    I really love the way this phone handles under day-to-day operation. You’ve all heard about the feature issues Palm should address(ie.zoom, video record, voice commands). These are merely software updates. Yes, I would like to have more onboard memory, and a better battery. But, more importantly, Palm has created a rich OS that is capable of addressing all these issues over time. Features on a phone are great, but they’re only functional if you can access them faster than using other means available at the time. Enter “WebOS”. The Pre is the only reason I switched to a smartphone. Or moreover, it’s multitasking ability. To be able to do multiple tasks and swipe back and forth between them on my phone is huge. And the fact that I can respond to emails, texts and calendar events when I choose with no interrupting notification! And then go right back to what I was doing without missing a beat. Nice! My phone is no longer an annoying last resort, its now a highly functional Personal companion/communication device. And I for one would not trade it for any other phone, even the iPhone. (I’ve even considered buying an iPod Touch for my mass media needs).

    (Don’t forget many of the missing features on the Palm Pre mentioned in this forum are available through Homebrew and Preware!)

    That’s just my take.

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