Palm Stock On The Rise

We don’t typically report on the ebb and flow of Palm’s stock, but today we’re seeing some serious spikes in activity. Typically, stocks respond positively or negatively to announcements – new phones, competitors new phones, etc. Nothing we’ve seen suggests any new product announcements are forthcoming today, so why is Palm rising? We’re certainly not qualified to say why, but it’s encouraging to see the company’s chart moving in the positive direction.

Update: According to TradingMarkets, the activity is based upon rumors of Palm being a takeover target, with Lenovo Group being the potential suitor.



  1. Thw world knows now webos is a winner, then new stocks demand comes.
    Last events: Laptop March phones madness Palm Pre Plus world winner.

    AT&T US and SFR France launching Palm devices on the same date? Two continents.

    China Telecom and Vodafone in the queue.

    A new Palm 4G device announcement???

    Palm sold already the left inventory?

  2. It’s on the rise because it was sharply undervalued. Some of the investment bankers rated it at $0. Did they really think they company would collapse (as in bankruptcy)? Palm has weathered hard times before.

    That was just dumb.

    Disclaimer: I bought a ton a short while ago because I consider the low price a *discount* on a long term investment. Android is just great, iApple is all shiney, but there’ll always be a place for Palm products.


  3. all the Palm stocks indexs until yesterday showed below $4.-on Marketwatch and Google finance, but not zero value in any time.

    Just one of these quoters gave Palm stock a zero value, but was a solitaire opinion.

  4. only reason it was up — the ONLY reason — was the Lenovo rumor. There has been no change in investment valuation, nor in the company’s prospects. Yes — they’ve survived tought times before, but not with this type of competition.

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