Palm Suggests Pre to Howard Stern

Howard Stern, otherwise known as the king of all media, is a longtime Palm Treo user. Howard even remarked to sidekick Artie Lange that he was texting his wife Beth on his Treo. During the wrap up show, a Palm employee called in to recommend the Palm Pre. Our friend Dieter at PreCentral says it was Palm’s VP of Public Relations Lynn Fox. Fox is another in a line of former Apple employees now working for Palm.

Just days ago, the Palm Pre made an appearance on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon and now a mention on the Stern wrap up show. The company has also ramped up it’s Twitter-ing and shown a deftness for grass roots marketing. The hype is building at the perfect pace with the crescendo to happen at launch when the big advertising dollars will kick in. Seems building better smartphones is not the only thing Palm has improved upon. Haven’t seen such well a played marketing from a technology company in some time.

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